Check Out Diesel’s Royal Indigo Denim Collection


The iconic brand Diesel has come up with Royal Indigo, a denim style that has a multi-layered blue/black wash. A leader in the denim wash business, Diesel has taken research and innovation to the next level with an exclusive wash, obtained by layering indigo denim with multiple shades of black and dark blue for a

How To Enjoy Shaving


One of the most popular translations of Occam’s razor, a law of parsimony, states “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” (Non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate). It is ironic that the field of shaving razors does not seem to accede to the law, with each new iteration having more blades, more strips and greater

“Be Yourself, Don’t Try And Copy Style”: Samir Suhag

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Samir Suhag, brand ambassador of Frederique Constant, on his personal style,  favourite shopping destinations in India and abroad, and more.    How do you define fashion? What does it mean to you? I feel fashion is a part of your character that you wear for the world to see. I have always believed that fashion can reflect one’s personality. Fashion is also your

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