Quantum Break is the future of gaming

Quantum Break is so much more than just another shooter. It, quite possibly, is the future of gaming. Remedy, the studio behind one of my personal all-time favourite games, Alan Wake, have been working on

Mercedes-Benz Launches the GLC

Mercedes-Benz India launched the svelte looking GLC SUV in India. The GLC is their latest middle weight luxury SUV that sits right in between the smaller GLA and the more plush GLE. The GL-prefix now

An App That Charts India’s IT Industry Growth

Do you know when programming was first taught in India? Or when computer science first made its way into our classrooms? Sure, most of us know that Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley, but do you know when India began to manufacture software? Information technology

7 Things You Should Know About Google Pixel

Make way for Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the pre-bookings for which will begin from October 13.  Here are 7 things you should know about Google’s new Pixel The new Pixel smartphones are

The Best Flagship Smartphones You Can Buy

This year, we’ve seen a range of high end smartphones being released. Some were great, some were just about okay, a few were just experiments and some even exploded. As is usual, many of these