How to Make Yourself Poop Before a Run

There’s a reason porta potty lines rope around the block at running events: Most runners want to empty out their system before going out and running miles upon miles. It’s a valid concern—not being able

Genes May Dictate Your Love—or Hate—of Exercise

Most people receive a mental reward from working out in the form of increased levels of dopamine—a brain chemical associated with feelings of motivation, pleasure and well-being. But some people apparently don't get that benefit

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Your workouts don’t have to suffer just because you’re traveling for the holidays. These days, there are a ton of options to help you stay fit while traipsing across the globe. Whether you're spending hours

These 3 Sports May Help You Live Longer, Researchers Say

Looking for a new hobby? Try tennis, swimming, or dance, and you may just extend your lifespan, suggests research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In an analysis of six sport and exercise categories, researchers found